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The Pathfinder Drone Services Team

Our Vision

Pathfinder Drone Services operates in beautiful Big Sky country, home to a unique cultural and natural heritage that we are proud to be a part of.

Our goal is to provide the best spatial data possible for stewards to manage these heritage resources by leveraging UAS.

We also recognize that drones are versatile and we hope to capitalize on their potential for recreation, real estate or tourism applications.

Meet the Team

Dave Schwab - Owner of Pathfinder Drone Services

Dave Schwab


Dave Schwab has over 30 years of experience with cultural resource management and archaeology.  His experience working for and with state, tribal and federal agencies contributes to the Pathfinders ability to meet a variety of client needs.

Owen Shwab - Certified Drone Pilot

Owen Schwab

Certified Remote Drone Pilot

Owen Schwab has several years experience working as a surveyor, archaeological technician and UAS operator.  His diverse skill set contributes to Pathfinder's focus on precision and accuracy. Owen is a certified remote pilot specializing in real estate and mapping UAS applications.

Alex Schwab - GIS Analyst and Certified Remote Drone Pilot

Alex Schwab

GIS Analyst

and Certified Remote Drone Pilot

Alex Schwab has worked as a GIS Analyst, archaeological technician and UAS operator for Ethnotech LLC and Pathfinder.  His background is primarily in GIS and Archaeology.

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