Professional Aerial Drone Services

Aerial Mapping Services

Aerial Mapping

We can produce a variety of high resolution GIS-ready spatial products suited to client needs.  We leverage the ESRI ecosystem to process, analyze and share the results of all UAS mapping projects.


Real Estate Video/Photography

Need help advertising your property? We can provide you with 4K resolution video or imagery that will impress prospective buyers.

Aerial Land Inspection Services

Land Inspection

Whether investigating an insurance claim, inspecting a new building, or monitoring crops, UAS can provide high quality data for time critical applications.

Pathfinder Aerial Drone Services

GIS Products and Applications

At Pathfinder Drone Services we rely on the ESRI ecosystem (Drone2Map, ArcPRO and AGOL) and UAS to create, analyze and share all GIS products we develop. The flexibility of the UAS platform allows stakeholders to get data immediately and on a regular basis, offering advantages for time critical projects.  Potential applications include the mapping of fish habitat, monitoring invasive species, mapping archaeological sites, change detection, or measuring cut fill volumes for earthwork projects.

Real Estate Photography/Video Services

Showcase your property to prospective buyers with photography, orthoimagery, 3D scenes and 4k video.  Together, these products pull prospective buyers into the property setting and makes clear why your property is unique.


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