Drone Photography vs Traditional Photography

Drone Photography


Drones are inspiring a wide range of industries, discovering new possibilities for many companies around the world. Using them to capture beautiful photos of nature and people, opened a new chapter in the history of photography with limitless prospects on the way. If we look at the history of photography, it was always a field of study under consistent development. We can find whys in our human pursuit for finding a perfect solution that will capture the moment as it is, or how we see it in the exact time and place. And, although there were few innovative advances in the line, no modernization has revolutionized photography such as drone photography. Especially in the field of capturing beautiful images from the air.

Drones have the ability to take photos while flying in the air without the person to leave the safety of the ground. And while there are ways of using helicopters or airplanes to seize some perspectives, drones are much smaller, cost less and are more optimal for individual uses. If you are eager to take your lens to the infinite land of clouds, you have probably thought about either buying or renting drone services for your individual purposes or business. If you still have some doubts about using drones over traditional photography, read the next paragraphs for more information on how you can capture images like a pro.

There is no doubt that helicopters are titans for aerial filming and photography. They have been in the business for almost a hundred years, and have made quite an impact on cartography, archeology, movie production, surveillance, environmental studies, and artistic projects. Drones are just the latest example of people’s desire to reveal the hidden beauty of our planet from the above. You can use it if you want to map a specific area, need help in advertising your real estate or want to do the land inspection and monitoring.

Top Things To Keep In Mind When Considering Drone Photography

Hiring a drone pilot can be expensive but not as much, compared to renting a helicopter due to the fact the prices for helicopters depend on the aircraft cost and insurance. If you need professional high-end photos, the cost for drones is directly connected with the time-cost ratio. In other words, you will save money and time by purchasing the product or services within the drone’s companies. A top-notch drone will provide exceptional photos and an amazing experience. If you want out-of-the-box adventure, using the verified drone company will stand for a difference between your previous and newly acquired experiences.

Drones are smaller, lighter and can reach the areas impassable to the traditional photography methods. A drone can capture anything, from the inaccessible terrains to the most dramatic selfies. If you want your footage to look the most detailed, high-quality and impressive, you want to have the best in your hands, and that is something that professional drone companies can deliver. Most drones today can separate a plain experience with a unique perspective on your desired photography location. Replace the traditional method with a drone and the jaws will drop.

Optimal conditions
If you own a drone, your only concern is batteries. If you rent a drone, you do not need to worry about anything as the chosen company will take care of everything. It is easy to look for new opportunities while flying a drone ‘cause in one moment you can be close to the ground while in the next one you can rise into the sky, and all in one uninterrupted shot. Bear in mind that drones have a robust construction due to the fact they have to sustain the vibrations during the operations so it is like you have the best of both worlds: helicopter and digital camera in one.

Reshoot option
Reshoots can be very frustrating, especially if you include time and money into the equation. With drones, you can handle many of its features by yourself, including the GPS, sensors, camera gimbals, and many more. But the most, you are in charge of controlling the exposure and the whole perspective of a shot using the monitor. If you are not satisfied with the results, you can easily shoot another photo. Just like having your phone with you, only being able to capture stunning moments from the air.

Both beginners and professionals can benefit a lot from using drone photography when it comes to aerial drone services. Even if you are a professional photographer, you might want to get the premium quality photos and videos with the exceptional content for your business or personal wishes. Maybe you want to demonstrate the real value of your residential or commercial property, get aerial footage of your product or special event, undertake a wide range of high-quality inspections for storage tanks, towers or bridges, or get real-time mapping and surveying. All that is possible using the latest drone technology.

All the advantages of drones are a turning point in real estate, transport and wedding markets. Capturing unforgettable photography has gained huge attention as more and more photographers are charging a lot for just one session. Still, drones are a fantastic way to view your venue from a different perspective.

Pathfinder Drone Services uses exceptional products to shoot various aerial images for different purposes. Many of you are already fed up with similar images you can find online and want to create one-of-a-kind photos that will make people gazing at them in awe. No matter if you are a professional or serious hobbyist or just a regular client who is in need of an aerial image, contact us for more information. We will be glad to answer all of your questions or doubts.

‘’With drones, you don’t take photographs. You make them!’’

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